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Quarterly Strategy Update

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This quarter, we explore the hypothesis that the modern era of Ricardian growth has ended. We further explore what this means for asset allocation and which types of stocks in particular should do well in this Ricardian hangover. Download our First Quarter 2016 Strategy & Analysis here. In 1817 David Ricardo wrote Principles of Political […]

This week: Quarterly Conference Calls

Portfolio Manager Steve Vannelli will host two quarterly conference calls to update investors on recent performance and outlook for the Gavekal Knowledge Leaders investment products. A US mutual fund call will take place tomorrow, January 21 at 4:15pm ET. On Friday, January 22 at 2pm ET, Steve will host the first quarterly call on our […]

Today at 4:15pm ET: Knowledge Leaders Indexes Quarterly Conference Call

The Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Indexes continue to outperform benchmarks and actively managed funds. You’re invited to dial in to today’s quarterly index conference call.  Steve Vannelli will discuss recent performance and updates from September’s rebalance. Call details: Add Event Today, Oct. 15 at 4:15pm ET Dial-in: 877.515.8156  ID: 57950603 Download slides On July 8, 2015, we launched two […]

Is There a Relationship Between Innovation and Stock Price? — A Killer Innovations Interview

Last week, Steve Vannelli was a guest on Killer Innovations Radio, a show about ideas, creativity and innovation — where leading innovators discuss how to go from ideas to breakthroughs. He discussed a few companies that make the cut as Knowledge Leaders, some on their way out of Knowledge Leader  status, and three things business leaders should keep […]

Knowledge Leaders Are Outperforming YTD


In our white paper “The Knowledge Effect: Excess Returns Of Highly Innovative Companies”, we identified a stock market pricing anomaly in highly innovative companies.  The tendency of stocks of highly innovative companies to experience excess returns can be traced back to two main factors: A surge in the pace of knowledge produced catalyzed by the […]

Decline in Sentix Euro Break-Up Survey


The 1,000 or so participants in Sentix’s monthly survey of whether or not a country will leave the euro collectively decided that the risk has subsided (slightly): The decline to 41% (from nearly 50% in April) was mostly attributable to risks related to Greece’s membership in the common currency (black line): Cyprus (in grey) was […]