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Daily Financial Markets Chart Wrap


Highlights Despite strength throughout most the trading day, US stocks could not keep it together and ended up giving back the entirety of an almost 1% move Europe and Japan both finished up considerable, however, with Germany and France up just shy of 1% and Japan up about 1% All in all DM stocks were […]

Knowledge Leader Company Highlight: Smiths Group Plc

Smiths Group Plc (ticker: SMIN-GB) is a U.K.-based industrial conglomerate operating in five discrete segments.  John Crane, a provider of engineered products and services to global energy services customers; Smiths Medical, a supplier of specialty medical devices and consumables related to infection and injury, patient airway and temperature management, in-vitro fertilization, diagnostics, and emergency transport; […]

NYSE Margin Debt Declines Again In August


Margin debt declined by nearly $14 billion in August bringing the two-month decline to $31.5 billion. This is the largest two-month decline since, you guessed it, September 2011. Margin debt is now approximately $34 billion off the high made in April. Net margin debt is now about $40 billion below the high made in April. […]

Daily Financial Markets Chart Wrap


Highlights: The driver of today’s market price changes seemed to be the confirmation of further weakness out of China The Chinese Flash PMI was down three tenths to 47, which is the lowest reading since early 2009 US stocks finished down again on the day (down 20bps), but the real story was the weakness out […]

Deja Vu All Over Again for the Stock Market Correction?

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In remembering the late, great Yogi Berra, we can’t help but associate one of our all time favorite Berraisms with the current stock market environment as compared with that of late 2011. From our perspective it looks and feels like deja vu all over again. Most of our readers probably vividly remember the panic that ensued […]

Daily Financial Markets Chart Wrap

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Highlights: Substantial weakness out of Europe dragged down US stocks initially and they were unable to overcome the selling pressure despite a rally attempt that began in the early afternoon US stocks finished down 1.2% on the day with all 10 economic sectors down at least 1% and materials down a hefty 2.9% on an […]