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What QE Actually Impacted


The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has now been relatively unchanged for about 10 months. Total asset at the Fed are about $61 billion higher than they were one year ago. It sounds like a lot but considering total assets are currently $4.48 trillion, $61 billion is a drop in the bucket. During the various QE […]

The Miserable Youth of Northern Europe


Yesterday’s release of better headline unemployment in Europe marked the first time since 2012 that the rate has been below 11%: The resulting downtick in the region’s misery index (unemployment rate + inflation rate), while a step in the right direction, still leaves most Europeans significantly more miserable than the average citizen in North America […]

Net Advances Are The Most Negative Since 2009


Net advances is a breadth indicator that tracks the number of advancing stocks less the number of declining stocks over a various time frames. In the charts below, we are looking at net advances over the past 200-days. Overall, net advances are the most negative it has been since 2009. In the developed world, net […]

Checking In On Equity Performance (Part 2)


Yesterday, we looked at how the developed markets were faring by industry group and by region. It was clear that DM Asia was the place for equity investors to be YTD.  Today, we want to slice the return data a little differently and see how equity performance shakes out by country. The first key takeaway […]