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Stock Picking Or Index Investing: Comparing Average and Median Price To Cash Flow Ratios Globally


When looking at country level stock market valuation ratios, it is always useful to look both at median and average statistics. If you only look at average statistics, the resulting valuation ratios can sometimes be very skewed . When several companies are dramatically re-rated lower it drags down the average ratio statistics and can make an entire […]

Revisiting 3 Risky Retail Stocks


On August 19th, we wrote a post highlighting three retail stocks that were showing technical signs of breaking down. We wanted to update our readers on how these stocks have performed during the last 7 weeks since volatility has increased. For an in-depth look at our point and figure charting methodology please click here. The first stock […]

Consumer Staples Have Held Its Own Over The Past 100 Days


Defense has been in vogue over the past 100 days in the stock market. The average consumer staple stock in the developed world is down just 98 bps compared to the overall average stock which is down -8.54%. Utilities, another defensive sector, is down -4.29% over the past 100-days which is good enough for second. […]

US Corporate Bond Spreads Continue To Widen


Spreads are on the move in the bond market, especially for lower credit bonds. The spread between the Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch US High Yield index and 10-year treasuries has widened out to 623 basis points which is the largest spread since June 2012. It’s not just junk bonds that are making multi-year highs in […]

White paper: Smart Beta 2.0, A Disruptive Innovation

There is a new battlefront in the money management business. New smart beta ETFs are entering the market to compete against actively managed mutual funds. These funds will be formidable competition, offering the possibility of superior performance — traditionally the province only of actively managed funds — lower expense ratios and other advantages. As with every […]