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Knowledge Leader Spotlight: 3M

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There is a common misconception that older companies can’t or won’t innovate and that innovation only occurs in an industry when a new company enters to disrupt the status quo. However, in our research into the Knowledge Effect, we have found that it takes a strong organizational commitment to innovation in order to remain on the cutting […]

Brazil’s Composite PMI Falls Further Below GFC Lows

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Brazil’s composite GDP stands at just 38.3, 0.7 points below April’s level and 1 point below the financial crisis low in January 2009. The latest reading suggests that the severe recession that Brazil has been stuck in since 2014 is actually accelerating to the downside. Overall, real GDP has fallen over 10% since making a […]

Decline in Europe’s Unemployment Rate Not All That It Seems


On the surface, yesterday’s European unemployment data release was fairly positive– the overall rate of 10.2% remained steady versus March’s reading and at levels not seen since late summer 2011. A closer look reveals the continuation of a rather large disparity in unemployment rates between the ‘peripheral’ countries subject to bailout measures just a few […]