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Not QE?


Last week the Federal Reserve announced the re-commencement of large scale asset purchases in order to alleviate funding pressures that had been bubbling for several months. Much effort has been made by Fed Chairman Powell and other missionaries to explain why this round of asset purchases, coming in at fully $60bn per month, is not […]

Hard Data Gets Put to the Test


United States and indeed global economic data have been weak – at least that is the unabated message from the PMI data that were released this week on both manufacturing and services. At this stage everyone knows the survey data, or “soft” data, are weak. The important question now is whether that weakness will spill […]

BAA Spreads say the Drop in Yields and the Chinese Yuan is Very Different From 2015-2016


Arguably the two most significant macroeconomic events taking place in markets currently are the drop in US Treasury yields to near historic lows and the breakdown of Chinese yuan below the “line in the sand” 7.0 level. Oddly enough, a similar thing happened back in the 2015-2016 period. Readers probably remember the manufacturing/earnings recession that […]