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More Evidence of China Slowing Permeating Asia – 7/28/2015

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Today’s edition of our diary of weak Asian economic stats focuses on the recently released trade and industrial production numbers out of Thailand and the trade numbers from Hong Kong. The Thai economy is feeling the pain of the Chinese slowdown acutely even in the most high level economic statistics. Meanwhile the Hong Kong trade figures, […]

The Commodity Complex is Getting Decimated

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As we look at our screen today we see basically all commodities down between 1-2%, but this is just the continuation of a much longer-term trend. Indeed, economically sensitive commodities like copper, crude, natural gas and aluminum (charts below) are all plumbing/trying to plumb new cycle lows and we’re six years into the expansion! In […]

Copper Prices Just Made a 6-Year Low

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The downtrend in copper prices has been one of the most persistent trends in financial markets in recent years. Today that trend was confirmed again as prices made a new 6-year low. This price weakness is no doubt linked to slowing nominal GDP growth out of China, but also likely reflects the weakness witnessed globally […]