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Copper Prices Just Made a 6-Year Low

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The downtrend in copper prices has been one of the most persistent trends in financial markets in recent years. Today that trend was confirmed again as prices made a new 6-year low. This price weakness is no doubt linked to slowing nominal GDP growth out of China, but also likely reflects the weakness witnessed globally […]

More Evidence of China Slowing Permeating Asia – 7/7/2015

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It seems as though each day we see more evidence of China’s economic slowing affecting its neighbors. When a force as large as China slows dramatically, we should expect as much. Here are today’s regional economic releases: Taiwan YoY export growth hitting multi-year lows: Taiwan CPI in deflation all year: Philippines CPI at decade lows:

S&P 500 Suffers First 2% Down Day Since End of 2014

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Today was no doubt a risk off day for the markets. There was persistent selling pressure in stocks worldwide with the S&P 500 down 2.09%, but international indexes down quite a bit more. Given that today was the first 2% down day since October 9th, 2014 and July 31st, 2014 before that, we thought we’d highlight the utter […]