Intelligently Investing in EMs Easier Said than Done: The Largest EM ETFs Haven’t Kept Pace With Changing Landscape


Emerging Market (EM) equities have had all sorts of trouble so far in 2015. For US dollar based investors, weakening EM currencies coupled with falling stocks in local currency terms has led the preeminent emerging market stocks index  – the MSCI Emerging Markets Index – to be down roughly 17% from its recent high. As […]

Stock Picks in the European Technology Sector

SV 6.10.15

For the last five years the European technology sector has been locked in a trading range relative to the MSCI All Country World Index (USD). Recently, however, European technology stocks have been performing quite well.  On an equal weighted basis, they have been the second best performing group in Europe year-to-date. While there are only 17 […]

Breakdowns in the Health Care Sector

Health care stocks have been the leadership sector in the MSCI World, and many (such as biotech) have reached some pretty elevated valuations.  Most stocks in the sector have been in multi-year bull markets trends, outperforming the MSCI All Country World Index  significantly. In our relative strength point and figure charts we take the daily […]

An Investigation Into Corporate Investments


Profitability and investment are inextricably linked through time. A company’s investment decisions today will ultimately drive its profitability level tomorrow.  The fruits of a company’s investment decisions eventually show up in profitability metrics such as free cash flow margin, operating cash flow margin, and return on equity.  Finally. a company’s ability to improve these metrics, […]