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Look Out Below!


It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few scary sights.  Here, we share some of the most frightening point-and-figure charts we are seeing in MSCI Europe right now.  Though the heavy representation by cyclical (or Russian Telecom) companies may not surprise many investors, the presence of names from some of the more defensive sectors might.

Greater Focus on ROE in October


Over the last month, ROE has moved to the top of the list of factors that influence returns in the MSCI World Index: While this was also the most important driver in Europe, it did not even make it into the top five for the North American or Pacific regions: Europe North America Pacific

Throwing Up BRICs


In my favorite scene of White Men Can’t Jump, Woody Harrlson’s character stops the basketball game and confronts his teammate (played by Wesley Snipes) about his poor play, saying, ”What, you still throwing up bricks? What is this, a Masons convention? Wha…clank, clank!  I need, like a welding torch to play in this league!