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Have We Seen the Emotional Low in EM Stocks?

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We’ve been writing for the last several weeks here, here and here that a good buying opportunity for EM stocks would likely avail itself soon, but that we were not quite at the sentiment lows seen at the other good buying places in 2008 and 2011. We don’t know if we’ve seen the ultimate cycle […]

Unveiling the Key to Mutual Fund Outperformance, and it has Nothing to do with Fees!

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It’s become almost common knowledge these days that the key to building a portfolio of outperforming mutual funds or ETFs is to simply pick the lowest cost option available in the categories to which the investor wants exposure. In this article we’ll offer a slightly different take, that the real key to finding outperforming mutual […]

Did We Just See A Capitulation Low?

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Today was undeniably ugly with the S&P 500 down nearly 4%, the Nikkei down 4.6%, MSCI Europe down 4.7% (although in USD terms the Nikkei was down just 1.7% and MSCI Europe was down just 2.9%). More stunning, however, is the fact that US stocks were down by at least 3% on consecutive days. This is […]

EM Stocks Washout Update


EM stocks as measured by the MSCI EM Index are now down 23% from their April high and 26% from their August 2014 high. The last real emotional low we saw in EM stocks was back in 2011 when the MSCI EM Index fell 29% in four and a half months into September of that […]

How Exposed is Your Developed Markets ETF to Chinese Slowing?

Many investors in ETFs that focus on developed market stocks may be more exposed to slowing Chinese and emerging market growth than they realize. China and other emerging markets have become a larger and larger driver of global growth, but their slowing growth rates affect some economic sectors much more than others. Why is this […]

Is There a Relationship Between Innovation and Stock Price? — A Killer Innovations Interview

Last week, Steve Vannelli was a guest on Killer Innovations Radio, a show about ideas, creativity and innovation — where leading innovators discuss how to go from ideas to breakthroughs. He discussed a few companies that make the cut as Knowledge Leaders, some on their way out of Knowledge Leader  status, and three things business leaders should keep […]