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Just How Narrow is This Market? Two Visualizations to Illustrate the Importance of Good Active Management


Most stocks are down since the global equity markets peaked on 5/21/2015 (this goes without saying) and most stocks are down a lot. This puts a premium on solid active management and stock picking. But the sheer numbers are striking. Of the 2885 companies in our GKCI All Country World Index, fully 2383 (or 83%) of them […]

This week: Quarterly Conference Calls

Portfolio Manager Steve Vannelli will host two quarterly conference calls to update investors on recent performance and outlook for the Gavekal Knowledge Leaders investment products. A US mutual fund call will take place tomorrow, January 21 at 4:15pm ET. On Friday, January 22 at 2pm ET, Steve will host the first quarterly call on our […]

Chinese Stocks Break Years-long Critical Support Line


Before showing some rather unpleasant looking charts it’s important to keep in mind the following two items. First, the domestic Chinese stock market is still by an large closed to foreigners. Extremely large institutional investors can only purchase Chinese shares through convoluted means and then the sale of those shares takes an inordinate amount of […]

2016 China Outlook in Charts: More Slowing Ahead

Image 7

2015 was a year in which many investors were caught off guard by the continued slowing of Chinese growth and the commensurate shocks to the global financial system it created as the renminbi weakened, Chinese foreign exchange reserves declined further, and commodity prices accelerated to the downside. Towards the end of the year, boosted by […]