What is Dr. Copper Telling Us?


We track the relative performance of the cyclical sectors (consumer discretionary, financial, energy, industrial, materials, technology) compared to the counter-cyclical sectors (consumer staples, health care, telecom, utilities) to gain an insight into leadership within the equity markets. Usually copper–the metal with a Ph.D in Economics–moves in synch with the relative outperformance of the cyclicals.

US Econ Chart of the Day


The NAHB Housing Market Index ticket down from 57 to 55 in October. However, the index has shown a surprisingly strong negative correlation with the Unemployment Rate (Index goes up, Unemployment rate goes down). This relationship would suggest that the unemployment rate continues to fall over the next 18 months.

Diving into the Details of Defensive Growth Underperformance in Recent Months


We’ve noted before the recent underperformance of ”defensive growth” stocks (Health Care and Consumer Staples stocks) so we thought we’d dive into the details to get a better understanding for the drivers of this relatively sudden turn in performance, since these two sectors (and Health Care in particular) have performed admirably this cycle.

Teradata Breaks Down


One of the tech high flyers the last few years has been Teradata, who sells software to cloud data centers. Today the target price was cut from $75 to $45 and the stocks is down almost 17%, making it the worst performer in the tech sector.